Here are 5 top Reasons to purchase a Index Annuity


1. I am risk averse.

• I am looking to save money for retirement,
• I am not comfortable losing money
• Annuities offer guaranteed safety of principal and guaranteed minimum return

2. I want the Ability to Outpace other fixed money products

• Indexed annuity rates have the potential to be considerably higher than other secure/conservative investment options like Savings bonds, Savings Accounts, Certificates of
Deposit (CDs), and Checking Accounts.

3. Time my annual issue dates

• Market timing is not necessary on indexed annuities

4. The power of the annual reset.

• Interest locked in to accumulation value annually.
• Provides opportunity when the index is up and protection when the index is down.
• Zero is my Hero—an indexed annuity with annual interest may earn 0% interest in a year, but never a negative amount. Because of the annual reset, the index does not have to make-up value from a down year. The index’s year-end value becomes the year-start value.

5. I need to supplement my Social Security payments.

• Currently Social Security benefits are only intended to provide for 40% of retirement income—future benefits will likely provide for less.

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